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One Passion

One passion is our youth movement.

It is a group of young people coming together with ONE PASSION and that passion is Jesus.The goal is to raise up a young generation with a culture of the presence of God being the main focus.  It is about teaching and training young people that the presence of God is indeed very relevant and that it is worth it to pursue God in a relationship today.

We are passionate about God and all that He is because He was passionate about us and still is today.

We want young people to know that God is in them and He likes it.We want them to know that while we know believing in Him saves us, it is when we discover how much He believes in us that truly transforms us.

ONE PASSION comes together on Fridays 19:00 at the church.

Contact any of these numbers for more info:

Annette van der Berg : 072 402 4559


Kingdom Kids

Kingdom kids is our children's church ministry.

They are passionate to raise up young children with a kingdom mentality that will change their world from a small age. They are made aware of the kingdom and the power that is available to them as sons and daughters of the King of kings.

They are taught that the kingdom is a fun, powerful, creative way of living with God and more importantly that there is a King who longs for intimacy and relationship with them.

Kingdom kids have a wide variety of staff members who all have something different and  unique to offer this ministry. They are on duty every Sunday to make your visit as adult pleasant and to impart into your child's life

Kingdom kids also come together every Friday at 17:00pm at the church for a fun and creative time in God's presence. There are leaders who pay special attention to them to develop and invest in them in all the ways possible.

For any information or if you want to join this ministry call:

Sylvia: 082 552 6914 Amelia: 083 345 7769 

World Shakers Band

We have a worship team with great depth both vocally and instrumentally. They have a passion to pursue God's presence spontaneously as inspired.

They have a great prophetic edge to their music and sound declaring and releasing God's heart and destiny over the people and community.

We believe that with sound follows manifestations and that if we release the creative sound of heaven, that is what will be manifested.

Most importantly we want our hearts to make melody and be in right standing with each other and God.

Unity and One accord is the key for World Shakers Band.

For any information or if you want to join this ministry call:

Joggie: 082 449 1585  Hannes: 082 775 2921

Shalom Dancers

Our dancers love to dance before God, pouring themselves out before Him. They love to inspire people through their talent and give a message of God's heart and love for people.

Even a king must be free to dance before the King of kings and be able to forget about his earthly status when in His presence.

For any information or if you want to join this ministry call:

Bets : 076 448 2437


We have a heart to partner with God in order to creatively reach people for God. We have outreaches specially organized at times outside of our community as well as in our community.

We come together on Saturdays for a "treasure hunt" we simply come together and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal clues as to the treasure He wants us to find that day. The treasure is a person or people who God wants to touch.

God is always ready and willing to touch people in all kinds of ways wether it is a hug, a word of encouragement, a healing or even a miracle. God can move in all kind of ways and we partner with Him to seek the treasure inside people that He has put there.

Join us as we move in love to win hearts for God.


Dance & Drama Department

Our Drama team loves to be inspired through the Holy Spirit to act and show God's heart as well as reveal certain truths that can move people towards God and set them free.

With so many productions available, the right one, done at  the right time through the drama team can change lives and that is what we are all about, changing lives !!!

We are also open for the Holy Spirit to give us creative ideas as to new drama productions and modern dancing.

For any information or if you want to join this ministry call:

Chris: 072 780 2606 Annette: 072 402 4559 


Every person is called to have a life of personal prayer. It is one of the most important ministries to yourself, to be a person of prayer.

We partner with the Holy Spirit and the gift and the authority on each one's life to pray the inspired will of God over the congregation, community, nation and world.

We know that God has put us here to represent Him and declare what His heart is over situations. Together in unity our intercessors pray and intercede and most of all strive to have a personal encounter with Him while doing so.

For any information or if you want to join this ministry call:

Margy: 082 888 0374 Christel: 082 777 1429

World Shakers Women

The women of World Shakers Christian Family Church comes together every Wednesday at 10:00 (am) for a time of refreshing, encouragement and ministry. They focus on subjects inspired by the Holy Spirit in season to equip, empower and encouragement the woman of World Shakers in their faith. Come join them for great fellowship and a power time in God's presence.

Past. Madelein: 083 294 9003  


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